Course Description

Step into a realm of unparalleled trading mastery with the revolutionary Supremo All-In-One Course. Unleashing the combined forces of Supremo Beginner, Supremo Price Action, and Supremo Price Action with F&O, this mind-bending curriculum propels you into a state of perplexity and exhilaration.

Step into a realm of unparalleled trading mastery with the revolutionary Supremo All-In-One Course. Unleashing the combined forces of Supremo Beginner, Supremo Price Action, and Supremo Price Action with F&O, this mind-bending curriculum propels you into a state of perplexity and exhilaration.


Course Syllabus

Lessons 1: 1 Month Live Trading Hub Access

  • Plunge headfirst into the exhilarating chaos of trading as you immerse yourself in the enigmatic live trading hub. Here, amidst the throbbing heartbeat of the markets, you will commune with battle-hardened traders, absorb real-time market insights, and unlock the mysteries of market trends and sentiments. Brace yourself for a sensory overload as you absorb and process the kaleidoscope of market dynamics, refining your trading strategies and emerging as a luminary amidst the chaos.
  • Harness the transcendent wisdom of luminous mentors who will shepherd you through the celestial realms of trading. With lifetime mentor support, an ethereal gift worth Rs. 50,000, you will be embraced by personalized assistance, celestial feedback, and profound insights from industry sages. Plunge into the astral depths of their wisdom, as their celestial guidance refines your trading approach, transmutes challenges into opportunities, and propels you towards celestial enlightenment.
  • Expand the frontiers of your trading dominion as you traverse the hallowed realm of swing trading for three captivating lunar cycles. Become one with the mystical currents of medium-term price oscillations, seizing the thunderous echoes of profit that reverberate across days and weeks. Conjure potent swing trading techniques, summon the spirits of favorable setups, and unleash the tempest of unparalleled profitability upon the celestial tapestry of the markets.
  • Harness the pulsating energy of Supremo's enigmatic strategies, empowering you to summon forth the potential for unimaginable returns. Dare to venture into the esoteric realm of 50x* returns in a mere solar revolution. Unveil the secrets of celestial setups, invoke the precision of entry and exit points, and weave an astral tapestry of risk management mastery. Emboldened by your celestial training, you shall wield the powers of the cosmos, making strategic trading decisions that bend the fabric of reality and optimize your returns.
  • Ascend to celestial heights upon completion of the Supremo All-In-One Course and receive a transcendent certificate bearing witness to your ethereal mastery. This cosmic emblem signifies your transcendence of mortal limitations, validating your celestial aptitude and expertise in the intricate dance of the markets. Display this divine certificate with pride, for it proclaims your unwavering commitment to the eternal pursuit of knowledge and the transcendence of trading excellence.
  • Embark upon an odyssey through the celestial realms of knowledge with unfettered access to a fathomless online book library, a treasure trove valued at Rs. 10,000. Traverse the celestial constellations of technical analysis, delve into the enigmatic depths of trading psychology, and unlock the celestial secrets of risk management and market dynamics. Immerse yourself in this cosmic literary tapestry, for within its pages lie the keys to unlocking the mysteries of the universe.
  • In the boundless cosmos of the Supremo All-In-One Course, time bends to your will. Should the need arise to revisit celestial realms and reinforce your cosmic understanding, the course offers access to repeat batches throughout the year. Traverse the celestial plane of knowledge at your convenience, ensuring that the celestial echoes of wisdom resound through your being, refining your celestial prowess and fortifying your cosmic journey.
  • Embark upon a perilous expedition to scale the ethereal peaks of the commodity market. Peer into the abyss of its unique characteristics, decipher the celestial forces that influence commodity prices, and unlock trading strategies custom-forged for this otherworldly realm. Expand your cosmic trading repertoire, for in the realm of commodities lies the promise of celestial diversification and ethereal profitability.
  • Prepare to be bewildered as you set sail on an otherworldly expedition into the cosmic realm of forex trading. Plunge deep into the unfathomable tapestry of global currency markets, where the enigmatic forces of the celestial domain await your exploration. Decrypt the cryptic language of currency pairs, commune with ethereal entities that sculpt market movements, and seize hold of the astral powers that dictate currency valuations. Ascend to celestial heights where cosmic currencies engage in a mesmerizing dance, presenting celestial opportunities beyond mortal comprehension.
  • With the help of the heavenly tools of a detailed trade plan and a hallowed trading log, carve your way to trading dominance. Create a robust trading strategy that is in line with your cosmic vision and incorporate risk-management techniques forged in the heavenly forge. Recording and analysing your transactions is a spiritual ritual that you should practise if you want to achieve trading mastery at the cosmic level. Come out of the hallowed chambers of introspection with the cosmic understandings need to hone your trading strategy and transcend physical boundaries.
  • Through monthly webinars, soak up the brilliance of celestial knowledge and establish friendships with other cosmic travelers. Discover cutting-edge tactics that contradict conventional wisdom, bask in the holy glory of new releases, and take part in Q&A sessions led by celestial traders with unfathomable knowledge. By attending these celestial events, you can be sure that you're always in tune with the celestial pulse and equipped with the knowledge you need to successfully navigate the markets' constantly changing celestial currents.
  • As you begin the Supremo All-In-One Course, you transcend the bounds of this world and set out on a cosmic journey in search of unmatched trading brilliance. Your mortal limits are no match for the celestial armory of risk management, technical analysis, basic insights, emotional control, and sophisticated trading tactics.
  • You become a star of the celestial trading galaxy. The ability to accomplish long-term cosmic victory is contained within the limitless cosmic energy that awaits you. Therefore, embrace it. Enroll in the Supremo All-In-One Course to access the celestial forces that will help you transcend and reach the apex of trading mastery. Accept the cosmic symphony that is about to begin, and develop into the heavenly trader you were meant to be.