Course Description

At Supremo Traders, we understand the challenges and complexities of trading in today's financial markets. That's why we are excited to present "Supremo Mentorship Course. This is a comprehensive 90 days trading course in the live market designed to equip you with the knowledge and skills necessary to excel in the world of trading.

We Sow The Solid Foundation of Trading

We believe in starting with a solid foundation. Our mentorship program begins by taking you through the fundamentals of trading. We provide a strong understanding of the principles that drive the markets.
Going Beyond Technical Analysis in Mentorship Course

Going Beyond Technical Analysis in Mentorship Course

While technical analysis is crucial, we believe that successful trading encompasses more than just chart patterns and indicators. In our mentorship course, we delve deep into all four trading quadrants in depth. You also learn Money Management, Trading Psychology, Life Management, and Technical Analysis. This learning does not just help in the trading; it empowers you to make informed decisions and manage risk effectively.

Simplified Explanations: Making Trading Concepts Accessible

We understand that trading concepts can sometimes be complex and overwhelming. For that, we have qualified trainers who simplify explanations, breaking down intricate ideas into easily digestible lessons.
Our experienced mentors guide you through each concept. You grasp the material and apply it confidently in real-world trading scenarios.

A Complete Trading System: Your Framework for Success

In the Supremo Mentorship, we provide you with a complete trading system. We offer a well-defined framework that encompasses entry and exit strategies, risk management techniques, and trade execution principles. This system acts as your roadmap, providing clarity and structure to your trading decisions.

High-Probability Trading Setups

Achieving consistent profitability requires identifying high-probability trading setups and employing proven strategies. Our mentorship program equips you with a range of meticulously back-tested trading strategies.These strategies are rigorously evaluated and proven to deliver results. It gives you a valuable edge in the markets.

Join Supremo Mentorship and start making a career in trading.

Whether you are a novice trader looking to build a strong foundation or an experienced trader seeking to refine your skills, Supremo Mentorship is designed for you. Our comprehensive two-month course offers unparalleled insights, expert guidance, and the tools you need to succeed. Join Supremo Mentorship today and unlock your full potential in the world of trading

Why Supremo Traders?

Exclusive Live Sessions

Gain access to exclusive live sessions conducted by trading experts, providing real-time insights, market analysis, and trading strategies.

Complete Trading Support

Receive practical trading support, including tools, resources, and guidance to implement your trading strategies effectively.

Live Mentor Support

Benefit from live mentor support, as experienced mentors answer your questions, provide guidance, and offer expert advice throughout your trading journey.

Discussion on Post Market Sessions

Participate in post-market sessions where you can reflect on trades, analyze market movements, and learn from real-life examples.

Certificate course after completion

Receive a course certification upon completion of the Supremo Traders mentorship program, validating your expertise and commitment to professional development in trading.

Options, Intraday, Swing, Positional, Forex Trading and more

Explore diverse trading opportunities with Supremo Traders, covering various trading styles such as options, intraday, swing, positional, and forex trading.

What you learn in Supremo Traders Mentorship Course?

  1. Understand how to trade in the intraday timeframe by analyzing the direction of the market and momentum indicators.
  2. Learn advanced price action techniques to analyze market movements and identify trading opportunities.
  3. Gain insights into Open Interest (OI) and its significance in trading.
  4. Understand the dynamics between buyers and sellers in the market and how to identify market conditions favoring either group.
  5. Gain access to special software that provides real-time information on changes in Open Interest (OI).
  6. Learn to identify sideways markets and distinguish between sideways, uptrend, and downtrend market conditions.Understand different market trends and patterns that can help identify potential breakout trading opportunities.
  7. Learn the concept of breakout trading and techniques to avoid false breakouts, ensuring more accurate trade entries.
  8. Discover trading setups that combine price action analysis and Open Interest (OI) to increase the probability of successful trades.
  9. Gain practical experience through live market training and learn essential risk and money management techniques to protect your capital.
  10. Enjoy lifetime mentor support, allowing you to seek guidance, ask questions, and receive ongoing support throughout your trading journey.

Enroll in the Supremo Mentorship Course today and gain comprehensive knowledge and skills to navigate the markets confidently, make informed trading decisions, and receive invaluable mentorship support for a lifetime.

Course Syllabus

Lessons 1: Is trading risky for beginners?

  • Trading can involve risks, especially for beginners lacking experience and knowledge. For that, you can enroll in our beginner course. It is essential to understand that trading involves uncertainty, market fluctuations, and potential financial loss.
  • The share trading course offered by Supremo Traders is made for individuals interested in learning about trading and wishing to enhance their skills in the stock market. It is also suitable for beginners who want to improve their knowledge and strategies. Anyone with a passion for trading and a willingness to learn can join the course.
  • Supremo Traders' mentorship program provides practical trading experience through a combination of theoretical lessons and hands-on practice. You learn about trading strategies, risk management, and technical analysis, and then apply your knowledge in simulated trading environments.

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  • The Supremo Mentorship course covers various types of trading classes, such as understanding utilizing chart patterns, indicators, and price action analysis.
  • Evaluating company financials, news, and economic factors. You also learn techniques to manage risk, position sizing, and capital allocation. You can also check the detailed curriculum of the course.
  • Experienced trading professionals lead the Supremo Mentorship program. Our experts guide you throughout the course. You also get access to mentors who will provide expert knowledge, insights, and personalized guidance to help you understand trading concepts and develop your skills.
  • Yes, upon successful completion of the Supremo Mentorship course, you will receive a certificate. This certificate serves as recognition of your participation, and completion. With the help of that certificate, you can also get job in various brokerage firms and other business dealing with trading.