We Trade You Earn

What is Trade With Supremo ?

  • Interested to grow money without giving
  • You have capital but don't know where to invest
  • You want more returns than FD in a short span of time
  • You don't want to take market risk
  • You don't have time to learn to share the marke
  • You don't trust judgment to trade on call given by advisors
  • You want to earn consistently monthly secondary income.
  • Don't worry, we got you are at right place... we will trade for you and you just enjoy profit... Risk ours and profit yours....

Trade With Supremo Rules

  • Capital Required : Minimum 50K , Max 5 Lac
  • Profit Margin : 20% on Profit to client and if account is in loss 3% on invested Amount

Que And Ans

Open Zerodha Account and attach your zerodha api with Supremo. When we trade it will automatically replicate to your zerodha account. This is one time process and then you just seat ideal and enjoy risk free profit from trading. When we say risk free that means all risk on our trades profit and loss will be taken care by Supremo
Contact us and our team help you to link your account with Supremo
Minimum : 50k and Maximum : 5 Lakh
You will get 20% returns on profit. Example : If we earn 1 lakh of profit on 1 lakh of capital from your trading account then you will get 20k. We take full responsibility of our trades and will assure you 20% profit sharing.
Sorry, we don’t have trail service because we have to pay licence and other server charges for each account.
No monthly or daily charges. We will pay api / license / server charges from profits. For first time activation 2k zerodha api charges has to be pay by client.
Supremo Traders will take care about all brokerage charges. Afterall, zerodha account profits can be calculated after deducting brokerage.
Supremo traders will pay taxes based on New Regime Tax Act
No licence fee.
We will give you 3% on your capital for loss making month. We will take full responsibility for our trades and will pay you 3%.
Contact us to know details
No lock-in period. You can close your profitable account anytime. It’s like Fixed Deposit in Bank and you will get your money at any time.
If your account is in loss for continuous 2 months then you can close your account by giving 2 month notice and we will pay you 3% on your invested capital for each loss making month.